Worlds of Green

Welcome to the Worlds of Green.

In our interconnected world, the realms of green innovation span across borders, offering endless possibilities for those eager to embrace a career in sustainability.

At GREENVEU, we're committed to showcasing the diverse and dynamic Worlds of Green that exist within Europe and beyond. From renewable energy and eco-friendly technology to sustainable agriculture and green entrepreneurship, these realms offer fertile ground for young people and career changers seeking purposeful and rewarding careers.

Our mission is to harness the power of these Worlds of Green to recruit and inspire the next generation of Green VET students.

Through immersive storytelling, engaging content, and targeted recruitment strategies, we aim to connect aspiring individuals with the educational opportunities and career pathways available in Green VET education.

Join us as we explore the Worlds of Green and unlock the potential for sustainable careers in Europe and beyond. Together, let's shape a greener and brighter future for our planet.

Please find below the open access texts we used (as voice overs) for Infomercials of the Worlds of Green:

Food (.docx)

High Tech, Science & Design (.docx)

Human Health (.docx)

Living, working & Recreatioon (.docx)

People & Animals (.docx)

Energy, Water and Safety (.docx)

Nature, climate & the living environment (.docx)

Production, global trade & logistics (.docx)


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