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Amsterdam 19-20 January 2023


The Erasmus+ GreenVEU project is a new way in which partners from six European countries work together to create a more sustainable and greener world, increasing the attractivity of VET in the green sector, aiming to attract more employees and creating, in each partner country, opportunities for educating and training future professionals in order to realize the green transition in Europe and to meet global climate goals, contributing in the long term transition towards a green and a sustainable world.

All partners from Netherlands (STICHTING PLATFORM BETA EN TECHNIEK), Denmark (Jordbrugets Uddannelsescenter Århus), Spain (Federación EFAS CV La Malvesia), Hungary (Közép-magyarországi Agrárszakképzési Centrum), Romania (Fundatia Worldskills Romania) and Finland (Viherympäristöliitto ry) have met in Amsterdam in January 2023 for the kick-off meeting of the project, planning the first steps in 2023. We have been trained by the Motivaction experts in segmentation and research and will benefit from their resources and consultancy in order to create the target audience per region, to do research on specific target groups for the green sector. Every partner will then create a regional recruitment strategy, based on the outcomes of the research on target groups and their motivation.

The main directions in the next three years are:

  • to identify and understand the target groups interested in the green field and how they can achieve vocational training in green VET high schools;
  • to develop strategies to increase the visibility and interest in agricultural professions among young people in the 6 partner countries;
  • to increase long-term collaboration between stakeholders in agricultural training, from schools to local communities, business, training partners, etc.

We have all started this path knowing that we won’t be able to do the green transition in agriculture, food, urban greening and nature preservation unless we train professionals in every green field across Europe.


November 2022

Greenveu kick off – great start for new project

In November, the Green Veu project was launched at a kick-off event via Teams. As always, online introductions and meeting new people can be tricky, but Barbara van Ginneken and Laura Roebroeck, the project leaders, made it easy. With the right tools, you can get a wide range of results out of people and things. That's the purpose of this project, to show all the opportunities that the green sector offers, but which are not promoted with the right pictures, words and facts.

During the three-day kick off event, we heard Motivaction's background advice and instructions on how to conduct a research survey to find out young people's motivations and values. This will enable us to create, in each project country, green education advertising, images and stories that appeal to young people or career changers. In January, we will meet Motivaction again in Amsterdam to deepen our thinking on who, how and with what questions, interviews and measures to reach our target group. The green sector is facing a glaring labour shortage and professional training needs a lot of new entrants, but we need to be able to tell new entrants about the opportunities in a way that speaks to them.

We also had a lecture from Martha Hoebing, who was able to describe the content-rich learning and knowledge decomposition of young people in an inspiring way. After the third day, each participant was full of enthusiasm to start working on the project work packages and to see how the project can actually deliver results in each of the project partner countries. The project participants from Finland, Denmark, Hungary, Romania and Spain were all full of enthusiasm and energy after the kick-off event. Although in each country the challenges in vocational education and training are slightly different all participants share the same goal and it gives a great opportunity to learn from each other, support each other and hopefully lead to good results. We are fortunate that the project has great leaders from the Netherlands, where solutions like this have been created, tested and improved.


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