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GREENVEU - Recruitment for the Worlds of Green

At GREENVEU, we're dedicated to unlocking the potential of green sectors through innovative recruitment strategies for Green VET education.
Our mission? To explore, inspire, and recruit for the vibrant Worlds of Green.

Research and Target Group Personas:

Embark on a journey with us as we delve into the motivations, values, and aspirations of our target groups across different European regions.

Guided by Motivaction, experts in research, the GREENVEU partner organizations conducted qualitative and quantitative research to develop Target Group Personas.

Every step of this enlightening process will be shared openly here, fostering transparency and collaboration.

New Green Recruitment Strategies per Region:

Building upon the insights gleaned from our research, each GREENVEU partner is crafting their own regional Worlds of Green.

These immersive narratives, rich with inspiring stories, images, and videos, will resonate deeply with our target groups' motives, offering fresh perspectives and compelling connections.

Join us as we unleash the power of storytelling through captivating online infomercials, showcasing the creation of these vibrant Worlds of Green.

Sharing and Peer Learning - Open Access recruitment Toolbox:

Access a wealth of innovative tools, new knowledge and best practices through our Open Source online recruitment Toolbox.

This comprehensive resource, available to all VET institutions across Europe, empowers you to tailor your recruitment practices at your target groups. 

Learning Community:

Become part of our dynamic learning community focused targeted recruitment in the green sector.

Engage with stakeholders from around the world at regional and international GREENVEU days, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Don't miss our Multiplier Event, where we'll share our insights with European VET institutions and stakeholders, igniting a wave of dissemination and impact.

At GREENVEU, we're shaping the future of green recruitment, one inspiring story at a time.
Join us on this exciting adventure, and together, let's build a greener, brighter tomorrow.

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