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GREENVEU - Recruitment for the Worlds of Green

Research after Drivers - Target Group Personas -
new Green Recruitment Strategy per region - online Infomercials per region -
Transnational Project Meetings - regional and international GREENVEU days -
Multiplier Event - online open access Recruitment Toolbox - reports


Research and Target Group Personas

The partner organisations within the GREENVEU project will learn how to do research after the drivers, motives and values of the target groups we identified per region.
This reseach, consisting of a qualitative as well as a quantitative part, will be guided by Motivaction, an organisation specialized in doing just this kind of research.  

Once learned how to do this, a research plan will be developed per region, and the research will be conducted amongst a representative group of respondents.
The data coming from this research, will be used to develop Target Group Personas.  

Everything that will be learned during this process will be shared.
Online infomercials about the current Worlds of Green will be released by the partners of a various regions involved. 

New Green Recruitment Stategies per region

The next step will be, that new, green, recruitment strategies will be based on the Target Group Personas.
Every partner will create its’ own, regional Worlds of Green, including inspiring stories, images and movies.
Linking the perspective of one or more Worlds of Green with the target group’s motives, creates new context-rich stories. 

Online infomercials about the creation of those regional Worlds of Green will be created and released.

Learning Community

Next to that, a learning community for target group personas and targeted recruitment in the green sector will be formed.
Regional and international GREENVEU – days will be taking place, to involve all stakeholders. 

We will organize a Multiplier Event at the end of our GREEENVEU project, to reach out to our European colleague institutions of VET education and other stakeholders, giving a boost-start to the dissemination of our findings. 

Sharing and Peer Learning - Online Open Access Recruitment Toolbox

Of course best practices will be shared: new knowledge and innovative (recruitment) tools through an online toolset, on a website, made available for all VET institutions throughout Europe for who this might be of interest. 

During our project the partner organisations involved will meet each other online, but also in real life during Transnational Project Meetings, hosted in the various regions of all GREENVEU partners. 
In time, reports about the process and results, as well as the sustainability and impact of our GREENVEU project can be found on this website as well.