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Access our open access Toolbox, filled with resources, materials, examples, and best practices for every stage of the recruitment process, needed to effectively connect with our target groups – young people and career changers – and inspire them to join the sustainable workforce. Whether you're a novice or seasoned recruiter, our open-access repository has everything you need to succeed.

Join us on the journey to inspire and empower the next generation of Green VET students. Let's make a positive impact together!


Researching the Drivers and Create Personas:
Dive deep into understanding the motivations, aspirations, and challenges of our target groups. Learn how to conduct research that uncovers valuable insights, enabling you to tailor your recruitment efforts effectively. Transform your research findings into actionable personas that represent key segments of our target audience. Develop a nuanced understanding of their needs, preferences, and behaviors to inform targeted recruitment strategies.

How to create Personas? (pdf)

Interview (.docx)

Evaluation (.docx)

Interview setup template (.docx)

Focus group interview draft (.docx)

Example questions questionnaire (.docx)


Crafting a Recruitment Strategy / Game Plan:
Utilize our step-by-step guides and templates to develop a comprehensive recruitment strategy that aligns with your organization's goals and values. From setting objectives to selecting channels and messaging, we've got you covered.

Video (embedded link)

Game Plan template (pdf)


Building a Learning Community: Explore strategies for building and nurturing a(n online) community around Green VET Education. From leveraging social media platforms to creating engaging content, learn how to cultivate a supportive and vibrant learning ecosystem.

How we create a learning community trough our activity? Example from Romania (pdf)


Organizing Events:
Discover best practices for organizing engaging events that attract and engage stakeholders, including potential students, educators, potential partners like SMEs, and community members. Learn how to leverage events as opportunities to showcase the benefits of Green VET Education and foster meaningful connections.
More information on our GREENVEU DAYS is yet to come.





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